Javier Guzmán

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Software Engineer

[email protected]

About me

I am Javier Guzman, a software engineer with passion for traveling, photography and reading. I like jogging in the morning and I am a coffee/tea lover.

I come from the embedded software domain, however, in 2020, I left my life in the UK and learnt all about web technologies by myself. I created Kindoi, which was meant to sort out your travel itineraries within seconds. Since then, I have been deploying more ideas while working for a company.

Currently living in Europe.

Ongoing projects

Nov.2023 - Currently
Baking new project idea...

Completed projects

Mar.2023 - Oct.2023
App to help you promoting your product or service by sending messages that resonate with your Reddit communities
Next.js, FastAPI(Python), Postgresql
Nov.2022 - Mar.2023
Android App to help families find affinity families with the same interests(iOS in future)
React-Native, Expo, Supabase (Postgresql)
Sep.2020 - Nov.2022
Kindoi was meant to sort out your travel itineraries within seconds
Reactjs, Nodejs, Docker, Kubernetes, MongoDB, Redis, Google Cloud, Gitlab CI/CD, Nginx, Storybook, Jest, Redux, React-Query, Nextjs, Tailwind, Strapi

Other initiatives

Small project in C with FreeRTOS, sensors and STM32 simulating a ground station
A Python bot to algo trade in the Forex using Oanda API and running 24/7 on Raspberry PI
Morning routine: A Firefox/Chrome extension